No child is born racist or evil, they have to be taught

There was an ad that use to play on AFN in Europe when I was stationed there in the early eighties. I loved those ads, they were real and I thought they showed promise. What I didn't know was that they did not play in the United States. So of course I was disappointed, race relations was just as bad if not worse. We were going backwards to when times were bad.

I grew up in Florida in the sixties and I have experienced the Jim Crow, the…

Women that hate other women

I wonder sometimes why some women hate on other women. White women hate on other white women as well as black or brown. They have that self privilege about them that states black or brown women are inferior and can only serve them or work cleaning their homes or watching their children.

They hate on younger women of their race because of the way they dress or how their bodies look. I remember when my husband and I would go out I would tell him how to dress and he would be angry because he…

have always wanted to be a writer. I have written more than 50 books over a span of 50 years. My family and a few close friends have read some of them and truly enjoyed them. Some even hated if a favorite character died or was written out. I eventually stopped allowing others to read my works. After my retirement from the military and three close members of my family died, I stopped writing altogether.

I once called myself a patriot because I love this country, however that word have been taken and used by others to destroy this very…

As long as there are old white men such as Mitch Mcconnell, Lindsey, Ted, and new comers like Josh hawley and Kevin mccarthy , we will never get pass such people. They think they are superior because of their race so they stay in power, the democrats that are in power, don't play dirty like their counterparts . They know Trump and his cronies are wrong, they have the power to do something, yet they do not. Trump is mentally ill several Doctors have observed him, they know he's a sick man. He sold us out to the russians, yet…

Cynthia A Verdell

Retired Military

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